RSC - Staff Application
For more information regarding what RSC is all about please visit our website:

Before applying, please consider the following:

In order to keep things fair, Each counselor will be allowed ONE ticket to bring a child to camp. There will be no exceptions for this.

RSC takes great pride in being a camp that offers many role play opportunities while at the same time allowing campers to feel free to be themselves without being judged. This often means that RP will be relaxed and not too strict. This is what makes us very successful.

If you are a person who requires RP to be strict and people going OOC here and there, or someone didn't emote a response to your actions to your liking makes you uncomfortable and angry, then this camp isn't for you.

There are plenty of role play opportunities within SL where you can engage in strict para roleplay all you want, but here we welcome every level of role play and most of all we all just want to have fun without stressing out about who did or didn't role play properly.

Camp dates are August 10, 2019 to August 18, 2019. The theme for Summer is NARNIA! We suggest you familiarize yourself with the camp's story which will be published in segments prior to the beginning of camp.

If you have any questions about being a counselor please message Joey Ahren.
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Are you able to host events from 1 am SLT to 6 am SLT? *
Did you participate in Richmond Survival Camp before? *
Have you participated in another camp in SL other than RSC? *
If the answer to the above question was yes, which one?
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Because you will be interacting with more than 100 child avatars we require that you have experience with the SL kid community. How long have you been part of the kid community? *
What days and times are you available in SL? *
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Are you able to host events using Voice? *
RSC Staff will be asked to run events. Please list 4-5 events you have planned for the camp. This can be modified later but we would like a general idea of what type of events you would like to run. If you are looking to apply as a 'fill-in or substitute counselor" please indicate that below. We will have a limited amount of spots for "fill-in counselors" and can not guarantee you will be selected. Fill-in counselors do not get a +1 ticket. *
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Do you understand that camp runs for a whole week from Saturday to the following Sunday and your participation is required throughout the week? *
Are you willing to allow yourself and others to have fun and enjoy a week together laughing and creating great memories without worrying and getting angry about who did or didn't role play properly? Without worrying and getting angry because someone did not emote to your liking? *
Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. Please give us some time to go through all applications. You will be contacted soon. If you have any questions please message Joey Ahren.
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