CYCG COVID Teacher Care Kit Request Form
CYCG (Clarksville Youth Care Group) is a student run non-profit organization focusing on youth community service. We are based in the Clarksville area but serve for the entire Howard county and beyond.

HCPSS is converting to hybrid mode on March 1st and our teachers are returning to school. Thank you all so much for teaching us during the pandemic and making sure our classes are engaging virtually or hybrid! We really appreciate your effort and dedication. We understand you have to face so many challenges by teaching us in such complicated situations. Thanks for everything!

To show our love and care, CYCG is making COVID Teacher Care Kits for our amazing HCPSS teachers and staff.
Each individual teacher could claim 1 teacher care kit for free. Please select which model and size you would like. If you like to have an extra set, our online charity store is right for you

Our volunteer students will make the care kits and the finished products will be delivered to your school if nearby (We are located in Clarksville), or we will reach you to arrange pick up.

We have proudly delivered 715 kits to 31 HCPSS schools so far by 5/7/2021.

See our designs here You can leave comments at the end of this page. We recently enabled the comments feature and it’s so rewarding reading all the comments from our amazing teachers. You can also send any pictures or comments to

Kits are free. However if you consider supporting us for some material fee, here is the link.

Thank you for returning to school! Please stay safe and healthy!

CYCG (Clarksville Youth Care Group)
Each kit includes a 2-layer handmade school-themed cotton face mask(Non-medical level, with adjustable ear loop and metal nose bridge) with pocket, a disposable mask filter(feel free to use your own filter or single use mask), and an ear saver. We offer 14 designs, more designs are coming soon. Please visit to check the designs.
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What school do you teach at? Teacher Care Kits will be delivered to the school front office directly. We will notify you about delivery. *
Which size would you like? Size M fits most adults very well. If you really prefer a smaller, tighter mask, please choose size S. The majority of our face masks are size M. *
Are you a Special Education teacher? Requests from special ed teachers have the highest priority.
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Which area do you teach/work in?
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Please take a look at all of our designs on our website! We listen to teachers' opinions and frequently add new designs.
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We are located in Clarksville( Close to Clarksville Middle School) and most of our volunteers cannot drive. We have to rely on parents to drive us after class on school hours , and it is challenging for us. If we can not deliver to your school, are you able to pick them up from Clarksville on behalf of your school? I will reach out to you if a pick up is needed.
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Any comments? Please leave comments at the very end of this page 40 students have been working over 3 months to making each masks and ear savers. It’s so rewarding reading all the comments from our amazing teachers.  Or send pictures or comments to Thank you!
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