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Our organization is committed to creating a workplace that is unique in its ability to provide exceptional work opportunities for positive, hardworking students looking to expand their capacity and dramatically stand out from their peer group.  We are proud to train, challenge, support, and mentor future leaders who are hungry to deviate from the “normal college kid job” or internship.

Every year, it is becoming more apparent that experience is the differentiating factor of employment after college. Most students do not work jobs that stand out from typical restaurant and retail work, and therefore end up falling into the crowd of the unemployed and underemployed post-college grads. According to CNBC, 79% of college grads are still unemployed 6 months after graduation, regardless of GPA. Our mission is to provide experience to change that!

For the past 30 years, we have provided a flexible part-time student work program. We have both Full and Part Time work programs in Apopka, Mt.Dora, and surrounding areas.

Because the positions are very flexible, it's not a problem for students to work around classes or previous commitments. Most of our representatives are students at Apopka High School, Mt. Dora High School, and surrounding colleges/universities.

Review the position description below, fill out the application, and you will be contacted shortly!
Customer Service / Sales Position
- Setting appointments
- Meeting 1-on-1 on zoom with customers
- Presenting products
- Answering questions
- Helping customers place orders

- Two part pay program
     - Base pay not based on sales or results ($15.00 starting)
     - Incentive pay with an opportunity to earn more based on performance
- Flexible schedule
- Scholarship opportunities ($160,000 in scholarships awarded annually)
- College credit possible for select majors (up to 3 credit hours with UF)
- Room for advancement based on performance
Social Media / Recruiting Assistant Position
Social Media / Recruiting Assistant Position
- Managing social media channels (Snapchat, Instagram, etc)
- Assist with advertisement of openings we currently have on our team to local and extended networks
- Helping with office administrative work

- $15 starting pay with opportunity for bonuses
- Chance to enhance skills in time management, public speaking, communication, and business skills
- Resume builder
- A+ Rating with Better Business Bureau & Awarded Company of the Year with DECA
- Corporate partner of Pi Sigma Epsilon (business fraternity)
- Company referenced in 18 different textbooks and academic papers
DECA's 2017 National Advisory Board 'Company of the Year'
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