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Register for Backbeat's 2020-2021 Music Camps!
Covid-19 Means Custom Camps. Because of how Covid-19 is playing out, signups for music camps are all over the place. As a result, every camp is a custom camp. If you can get a few students together, we can create a camp for you. If its just one, then let me know what you want and when you are available and we can try to match-make you with other students to create a camp. *
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When are you available? We can offer camps pretty much anytime if we can have students for them, including Winter Break and early September before school starts. *
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Custom camps are available, while several camps are already full, I may be able to add teachers or work other administrative magic to open spots. If you don't see what you're looking for here, tell me here and I'll see what I can arrange.
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Photos, videos and audio recordings are educational tools employed by Backbeat to show students what they are doing. I also understand that Backbeat may want to use some of these images in social media, their website, or in another capacity if they are doing great and those images are worth sharing. Some of these images will be done with fully professional equipment and any images will be given to me. *
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