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This form is meant for not very urgent technical problems (content mistakes, typos,...) as well as for any suggestion to improve a particular course item. It will be read about once a week. For urgent problems, you should use the other form (which will trigger an e-mail to be sent).
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write the 5-digit code of the page, or the exact title of the page if no page code is available *
if present, you find this code at the top (and often also at the bottom) of the page (e.g. A04-03)
to which part in the video (or other parts of the course site) does your suggestion apply? *
describe as precisely as possible the place  (for a video, this is ideally something as "xx min yy sec", for a text or link pleas try to be as specific as possible)
describe the problem/error/mistake/suggestion *
this can be a technical glitch, a redundant part, very confusing content, or whatever suggestion for improvement
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