Help Shape Finney County's Future
This survey will guide the future of Finney County through the development of the Finney County Comprehensive Plan.

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1. Where do you live?
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2. How many years have you lived in Finney County?
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3. What makes Finney County unique? (Check all that apply)
4. What do you believe are the most important challenges facing the County? (Check all that apply)
5. In your opinion, what are the three highest priorities for improvements in the County?
If your priority is not listed, please type in "other"
6. How can Finney County improve its roads? (Check all that apply)
7. How can Finney County preserve its rural character?
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8. Have you had problems with your well? If so, please describe your problems.
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9. The overall quality of the environment (water, air, etc.) in Finney County is excellent
10. How important are the following items in terms of future development?
Very Important
Somewhat Important
Not Important
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Job Creation
Transportation (Roads)
Cost of Living
Housing Diversity/Affordability
Business Diversity
Protected Farming
Historical Preservation
Availability of Cultural Activities / Entertainment
Air Quality
Water Quality
Sustainability and Energy Efficiency
Smart Technology (Wi-Fi)
11. Taxpayer funding should be used for the following initiatives…
No Opinion
Retail/Commercial Development
Residential Development
Employment Services
Parks and Recreation
Public Works (water, plumbing, electric)
Child Educational Programs
Police/Safety Services
Industrial/Light Manufacturing
Healthcare Services
Services for the Poor
12. Please provide any additional comments you would like Finney County to consider in planning for its future.
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13. Please select your age:
14. Please select your gender:
15. Please select your ethnicity:
16. What is your annual household income:
17. (Optional) If you would like to receive further communication about the Finney County Comprehensive Plan, please provide your email below:
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