$$$$$ Hanszen Money Request Form $$$$$
This form is for documenting and collecting requests made to the Hanszen budget.
Active Budget can be viewed at: https://docs.google.com/a/rice.edu/spreadsheets/d/1oDQZEA8TFRrAr6AI1Eaig7kiCCwyQ2VFpbrhx2zRe74/
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How much? *
This should be a GENEROUS estimate.
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Which budget? *
Where is this money coming from?
If you selected 'Other' above, where do you want the money from?
Tell us which committee not listed/other place you think this money should come from.
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What for? *
What is being bought with the money from this request?
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Will you need the P-Card? *
If so, when?
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If so, do you know how to use the P-Card?
Contact Anthony or Will to get the P-Card. When you purchase something (unless it's alcohol), take a tax exempt form (located outside of Joyce’s office) with you and make sure to keep your receipt. After you return to campus, please return your P-Card and the itemized receipt.
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