2016 NY Demand Democracy
Ripe with scandal at all levels and angles, the final 6 weeks of the 2016 legislative session in New York State gives democracy fighters a clear opportunity to move the dial on reforms in NY.

A broad coalition of individuals and groups across New York is coming together for fight for an overhaul of voting, elections, ethics and campaign finance system. Fill out the form below to stay informed about conference calls, organizing opportunities, actions in Albany and at home that fight for a long list of necessary democracy reforms at the state level.

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The “Demand Democracy” agenda:
Publicly funded elections: to limit the influence of big money in campaigns by matching small contributions for all state-level races.

Campaign finance reforms: Closing the LLC loophole, lowering contribution limits for candidates and committees, and limiting transfers to put a check on how much money the super-rich can use to influence elections.

Elections and voting reforms: It should be easy to vote in New York: automatic registration, expand online registration, and allow for early and mail-in voting to strengthen democracy.

Expand and protect the vote: Over 40,000 New Yorkers who are on parole must be allowed to vote. We need a full investigation of the purging of voter rolls and new training, support & oversight for boards of elections to make sure that voters are never unfairly removed from the rolls again.

Ethics reforms: eliminating pension benefits for convicted corrupt officials, a ban on personal use of campaign funds, a full-time legislature with sharp limits on conflicts of interest, and full-disclosure requirements for personal finances to make sure politicians work for all the people, not just the billionaires.

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