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this is the signup form that you need to fill out to sign up as a player for the international run of our larp De la Bête in 2019. The game will take place on 18-22 September 2019 in Western Bohemia. The  questionnaire should not take you more than 30 minutes. Please note that the admin systems and forms for the Czech and international runs are different: you cannot use this form to sign up for the Czech runs and vice versa.
In this form, we won't ask you for your measurements, dietary needs, health problems. If you get into the game, we will send you a follow-up questionnaire that will focus on that and only be accessible to the team members who need to work with them directly - but we don't need that information now. If you'd like information about potential trigger topics in this game and ways to avoid them, please see the tab Accessibility and Safety here:

If you need more information about the game, you can find it at our website: or contact us at our FB page:

Please note!
The game is only accessible to participants over 18, without exception. We would also recommend you to read the section on physical demands, comfort, and accessibility and safety before signing up.
All of the game is also played in English, so you need sufficient communication skills in the language to participate. We're of course not going to test your language level, but please note that the ability to communicate and understand in English is crucial for all participants. Being able to read and fill out this questionnaire without problems is a good sign for that.

The following questionnaire will be asking you about your personal data. In order to be able to make the game in a manner we deem most appropriate, we will need to process this data (game preferences, contact details, other personal information) for the purposes of the game, as specified in &5 of Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on the Protection of Personal Data.
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Email *
Administrative section
In this part, we'll ask you to answer a number of simple formal questions. Please pay extra attention to measuring yourself and tell us about any food allergies you might have. The details you enter here will be mostly used by our admin team and we generally need them for a variety of administrative and legal reasons. Your privacy matters to us and we will not publish your information (measurements, contact details) anywhere; however, we also don't treat them as completely secret and for practical reasons, they are available to our wider production team.
Your surname *
Your first name *
Your gender *
We primarily need this information for later for costume purposes; you can choose what gender of character you'd like to play regardless of your real-life gender.
The gender you'd like to play *
You can choose your character's gender regardless of your real-life one, but we do need you to choose one and the game does work with a gender binary. If you do not care which gender your character will be, you can also choose Either - we will then assign you what character gender you will be cast as based on the signup balance, trying to also match you with what would best fit your preferences. However, please be advised that your final choice of three characters will only have characters of one gender, as we need to keep the numbers balanced and all the characters in the game are male or female.
Your date of birth *
Your phone number *
Including the country code
What country are you from *
Which price will you be paying? *
The price package you choose will not influence your game, casting or the probability you will be drawn to play the game if more people sign up than we have places. If you choose to pay more than the basic package, we will use all the money for the running of this larp, for funding the discounted tickets, and for making more larps in the future. To apply for the discounted ticket, you need to fill out this form and wait a week until we confirm who was awarded the discount (so perhaps wait with the regular signup until you know whether you have the discount or not). The discount application will be running until the 8th of February 2019 and can be found here:
How important is real comfort for you? *
Different groups have different sleeping arrangements. However, facilities and food are the same for all the groups and even the groups with the highest comfort level will sleep on the floor and need to bring their sleeping gear.
Game preference section
In the following part, we'll ask you to express how much you want your game to contain certain elements, using numbers. During the casting, we will try to find three characters which are as close to the experience you want to have as possible.
You will often be choosing numbers from one to five. Please, take time to read through the description of each category and the instructions.
Action *
That includes swordfighting, shooting, brawling, running, hiding, sneaking...
Investigation *
Uncovering mystery plots and old secrets; searching for truth in tangles of lies. It doesn't necessarily mean you will be investigating something: for example in a story about serial murderers, we would see the game of a murderer who intentionally leaves false tracks and hides from the law as similarly investigation-heavy as the game of the detectives trying to find him.
Intrigue *
Gossip, scandals, conspirations and fights for power, both at the court and outside of it.
Leadership *
It doesn't necessarily mean just ordering someone around. Plots revolving around leadership can also relate to education, the role of advisers and so on. They can include crises of authority - in general, they do not promise roles of unchallenged authorities (there are no such roles in the game), but that you will work with the theme of leadership somehow.
Romance *
Romance can take many forms in our game: passionate affairs, cooling relationships, and terrifying obsessions. The game works with all forms of love. We'd just like to note in advance that even if you set a low romance number, it is probable someone around you will have it in their game. Please note that while we are able to NOT give you a romance with a specific person, as long as we know this ahead of the casting, we are absolutely not able to ONLY give you a romance with a specific person, and any romances in this game will be cast together based on people's character preferences.
Faith *
Faith is a very key topic for the game - and considering the day is organized around mass, it is not possible to play a role who will avoid anything that relates to religion. However, it is possible to choose how much your role will relate to this theme. Faith includes not only a spectrum of issues related to faith (including crisis of faith, fanaticism etc.), but also very philosophical themes (so an atheist philosopher would have a high value in faith).
The supernatural *
This means plot that bring you as players in contact with something supernatural. From palm reading and speaking with the dead to terrible science and its monstrous results. The supernatural at our game may often be a bit scary (including going somewhere at night etc.), although it doesn't always signify horror.
Scripted content *
All of the characters have all of their content prewritten. However, there are different levels of script - meaning points where you may be required to do a certain thing for the game to work. Even if you choose 5, most of the character's decisions and actions will be up to you. Even if you choose one, your game will not be a full sandbox and you will need to stick to the pre-written content in your character. The scale is progressive and each point includes all the points before it - meaning if you choose 4, you are also saying you're ok with 2 and 3. Please note that choosing a lower number will inevitably limit the number of characters available to you.
Important traits
Here you have a chance to tick up to three traits as "very important" and we will then pay them extra mind in casting. This way, you can for example emphasize that your Romance 5 is really important for you or that you really want to avoid your Action 1.
Conflict *
The game work with different kinds of conflict and we understand everyone's preferences are different. Naturally, we cannot ensure fully that nobody will get in conflict with you, but different characters have different features. Conflict can either be directed at other players of at "the environment". A simple example of conflict against players can be the deadly enmity of two hunting group leaders; an example of conflict against the environment might be tracking a beast in the woods. Most characters have a mix of both.
Is there something you'd like to tell us?
You might want to add or specify something you wrote above or give us more information about your preferences. Here you can write that, but please note this isn't a good space to share sensitive information.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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