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Describe how you want the artwork to look? What is it being used for?
Must consist of official TAW related content & obide by TAW's Code of ethics and policys on graphics.
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Due to new policy in graphics, all designs will now include a taw Stamp been either the TAW SEAL ( http://i.imgur.com/VmgEbsI.jpg ) or the TAW LOGO ( http://i.imgur.com/Fw9JOaD.png ) . if you have requested the logo or seal to be implemented in the design then we will not add a stamp. If you have not requested it, we will add it to the image accordingly as we see appropriate.
Due to some requests requiring a GFX member to be in channel with the requester, this can not always be possible but we try our best to assign members to the appropriate region.
I Have read and understood the rules of requesting images via this form.
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