EERI Friedman Family Visiting Professionals Program 2019-2020
Since 1996, EERI has implemented a Visiting Professionals Program to match EERI professionals with host institutions (usually universities) for a two to three day workshop about current topics related to earthquake engineering and earthquake risk reduction. This exchange is meant to be part lecture and part informal discussion with faculty and students. The visiting professionals come from a wide range of disciplines, including engineering, earth science, seismology, architecture, planning, public policy and the social sciences.

In 2001, David A. Friedman, of Forell/Elsesser Engineers, and his family endowed the program with $250,000. This generous gift was made with the intention that sufficient interest would be generated to keep the program running in perpetuity. At the time the gift was made, the name of the program was formally changed to the Friedman Family Visiting Professional Program.

The objectives of this program are to:
-- Improve the understanding of students and faculty of the active professional earthquake engineering and risk reduction community;
-- Enhance the understanding of the multi-disciplinary nature of earthquake engineering
-- Increase the professional’s understanding of the educational process
-- Utilize the unique intellectual resources of EERI to broker useful relationships
-- Use the resources of EERI to help students understand and consider professional careers associated with earthquake engineering and earthquake risk reduction.

This program is a great activity for Student Chapters to engage students and relate technical knowledge taught in the classroom to practice and research in the field. There is no financial obligation to the host institution, although universities are encouraged to host a meal for the visiting professional. Should the host institution wish to share in covering lodging or other costs, this would be most welcome and would further extend the resources available in the programs. EERI will reimburse the visiting professional’s travel expenses not covered by the Student Chapter or host institution.

More information about the program can be found at:

The application deadline is October 28, 2019.
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Visiting Professionals Program Information
Information about EERI's Visiting Professionals are available at:
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Christine Beyzaei (Geotechnical Engineering)
Erik Bishop (Structural Engineering)
Dana Brechwald (Urban Planning)
David Cocke (Structural Engineering)
Ronald Eguchi (Risk Analysis, Lifelines, and Industrial Facilities)
David Friedman (Structural Engineering)
Ramin Golesorkhi (Geotechnical Engineering)
Nathan Gould (Structural Engineering)
John Hooper (Structural Engineering)
Ezra Jampole (Structural Engineering)
Janiele Maffei (Structural Engineering & Insurance)
Faiz Makdisi (Geotechnical Engineering)
Jim Malley (Structural Engineering)
Brent Maxfield (Structural Engineering)
Jorge Meneses (Geotechnical Engineering)
Troy Morgan (Structural Engineering)
Sissy Nikolaou (Geotechnical Engineering)
Maryann Phipps (Structural Engineering)
John Thornley (Geotechnical Engineering)
Jay Wilson (Emergency Management)
Ivan Wong (Seismology)
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We will be contacting chapters and making arrangements for speakers in early November, 2019. If you have questions in the meantime, please email
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