21-22 Announcement/Social Media/Video Request Request
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GMTV will run on RamTime days (Tuesday/Thursday). Please select all that apply.
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Please write out the info that you want to include in your request. Make sure you add the who, what, when, where, why so that info is complete. Short and sweet is key - you only have 300 characters!
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Please give specific dates. Announcements will be produced for RamTime on Tuesday/Thursday. Social Media can be posted whenever. Please remember that we film on Tues/Wed during 3rd period and anything submitted after 7:30am on those days will not make it into the announcements for the next day.
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If you have photos to use or a graphic already made, please send to rketchum@jeffcoschools.us
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Please send any photos to rketchum@jeffcoschools.us
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