William L. Clements Library 2019 Fellowship Application Form
Thank you for applying for a William L. Clements Library research fellowship.

In addition to filling out this application form, please submit the following:

* Curriculum vitae
* Brief, two-page summary of the project, including the current status of your research. Please identify what Clements Library material you wish to consult
* Two letters of recommendation, to be sent directly to the Clements Library, from individuals who are familiar with your scholarly work

These application materials may be submitted by surface mail or via email as one attachment. Please do not include images within the attachment.

Please send completed application materials to:

Research Fellowships
Clements Library
University of Michigan
909 S. University Ave.
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1190



Completed applications must be received by January 15 for research to be undertaken in that calendar year.

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