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With this form you can apply for PhD student travel grants, conference support or lab exchange
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What will the money be spent on? Please estimate your expenses if you have not booked already. You must be able to provide receipts for traveling expenses before receiving money. Note that conference fees can not be included in travel grants, neither can poster printing. When you are applying for conference support, please state if there will be an SPPS sponsored session, a discount for members or the likes. SPPS can later ask you to provide your conference budget. *
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Normally travel grants are paid after the event or conference. If you need your money earlier, you must state specific reasons for this. You might be asked to provide evidence that you are a PhD student. Also, active participation in the conference is required, so proof or this might be requested.
For lab exchange grants, you might be asked for a letter of invitation to perform experiments in the lab you are planning to visit.
You will receive a confirmation stating an approximation of the time until the decision on your grant will be taken.
Only members are allowed to apply for funding from SPPS. If you are not a member by the time of application, it will not be processed. Please join as a member first.
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