2018-2019 Youth Advisory Council Application
Pittsburgh Cares’ Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is a leadership development program comprised of a group of youth that are committed to creating positive social change in their schools and community. The YAC develops and implements Youth Engaged in Service (YES) key initiatives while serving as youth ambassadors, acting as the voice for youth in the community, and inspiring others to do the same.

Youth Benefits:
● Platform to voice matters and concerns important to young people
● Participate in decision making processes for the betterment of Pittsburgh Cares and the community.
● Personal and professional development opportunities, including recommendations for higher education and/or employment.
● Opportunities to participate in trainings and workshops provided by Pittsburgh Cares and partner agencies.
● Networking opportunities with other youth leaders, nonprofit professionals, and civic leaders
● Scholarship opportunity for seniors

Applicant Requirements:
● Must be a high school student (9th-12th grade) and attend a school within Allegheny County
● Must have a true interest in addressing community needs through volunteering
● Must show evidence of creative ability and thinking outside the box
● Must be able to devote an average of three hours a week to YAC activities and work
● Must be able to attend bi-monthly as well as monthly volunteering projects and activities
● Must be able to complete individual projects including a service project

Please fill out this application in completion and email chawthorne@pittsburghcares.org if you have any questions. Applicants must also a corresponding nomination form, which can be found on the website.
Full Name:
Phone Number:
Grade (For 2018-2019) school year:
Email Address:
Have you ever been part of a group or council (youth group, sports team, school club, etc.?) If so, which one(s)?
If accepted as a YAC member, what skills and experience would you bring to the council?
What social issues are you passionate about and why?
Why do you want to be on the YAC?
The purpose of this is to learn more about you -- if you could tell us two unique traits about yourself, what would they be?
What plans do you have for after high-school? Be detailed.
It's not a requirement to have volunteer experience. However, what skills do you think a good volunteer possesses?
Attendance is important to the council -- what other commitments do you have that would possibly interfere with council activities?
Through the youth advisory council, what skills do you hope to gain?
If you could meet any person for lunch (past or present), who would it be and what would you eat?
Your final project is to plan a service project for 20 people and you will be provided $500 for supplies. Please provide details, such as: What organization(s) you could partner with, who the service project would benefit, your budget for the event, where you would go for volunteers, what supplies you would need, and how you would promote your service project. There are no wrong answers -- just give us an idea of what you're thinking of.
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