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Halfway Home K9 Rescue
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We ask our fosters to transport their foster dog to vet appointments. We currently have partner vet offices located in Cambridge, London, Mississauga, Richmond Hill and Oshawa. Please list which clinic you can attend and your availability for appointments. Please note Saturday times are limited. *
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Fostering can be a difficult and long term commitment. Fostering involves patience and understanding as well as the commitment to work with your foster dog to develop manners, house training, and to work through behavioural issues. Although we try our best to get you an ideal dog, dogs can be timid, fearful, anxious, etc. which may result in undesirable behaviours. Fosters MUST be willing to work through these challenges and communicate regularly with either coordinators or directors to get aid in resolving issues and/or with their concerns. Clicking the "I Understand" button below ensure that fosters are committed and prepared for all issues that may come with a dog. Animals are unpredictable and we can only promise we have utilized the information at the given time to proceed with a foster. *
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