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Directions. Please choose your top four after school programs by ranking them. Rank 1 through rank 4 with rank 1 being your first choice.
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Lego Robotics - In this program, you will work with a team to build a robot to accomplish a task or a set of tasks. Robots can be built with a range of sensors including gyro, motion, light, color and more. Mr Jabot's course is Thursday. Grades 5-8
Harry Potter Club - If you love Harry Potter come and join our book and movie program. It’s more than reading and watching the movie! We will be coding wands, making butterbeer, creating games, and acting out scenes from our imaginations. The program runs Tuesday and Wednesdays.Grades 5 and 6.
Games with Mrs. Barboni - Students will enjoy all types of games with their peers, building friendships and just having fun. The program will involve indoor and outdoor activities (weather permitting). Activities include but are not limited to… board games, SMARTboard, chromebooks, crafts, snacks, creative groups, dodgeball, kickball, relay races, joke telling,and so much more. Tuesday and Thursday. Grades 5-7.
Piano with Ms. Perun - Learn to play piano and read music on our new pianos. We will learn as groups but also use headsets so you can hear yourself play. Learn the basics and continue to grow through individual practice in your musical ability. Monday grades 5-8.
Dungeons and Dragons with Mr. Jabot - Have fun playing Dungeons and Dragons. Students should have an interest in fantasy and creative writing. Space is limited to 12 students. Monday grades 7-8.
Baking Halloween and Thanksgiving Treats with rs. Cole - Be ready to make some spooky and fall recipes. We will be cooking and baking some popular and fun edible treats for you to eat. Learn to follow recipes and put together recipes that will make your mouth water! Save Friday October 4th for Apple Picking at Beak and Skiff which we’ll bake with in our class. Pick up you permission form. Tuesday grades 6-8.
Yoga with Ms. Fey - Yoga is a mindfulness practice that connects breath and body awareness with poses, breathing and relaxation! Wear comfortable clothes for movement, and bring a water bottle. Mats will be provided! Monday grades 5-8.
Mixed Tech with Mr. Kulibert- Be involved with Minecraft (20 spots), Virtual Reality (1 person at a time - rotation), digital drawing tablets (8 spots),& Cue/Sphero robotics & coding (6 spots). Time is flexible, you may attend one or both days. Monday and Tuesday grades 5-8. CLOSED FOR BLOCK 1 but you can get on a waiting list for block 2.
Beak and Skiff Apple Picking Field Trip with Mrs. Cole and Mrs. Caputo - Fall is the time to put on some warm clothing and go out into the fields to pick some apples at Beak and Skiff Apple Orchards. Please see details of field trip on the permission form. Note: Snack will be provided. Bring money to pay for apples and concession stands. Friday October 4th 2:45-7:00 pm.
Halloween and Thanksgiving Crafts with Mrs. Cole - Halloween and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Join the fun in making holiday treasures for yourself and your home. Every week we will be making different pieces which you can keep for years and years. Explore your talents and your creativity in this fun holiday season. Thursday grades 5-8.
Ukulele with Ms. Fitt - Have you ever wanted to learn to play the Ukulele? Now is your chance to learn. Students will learn the proper techniques for playing this instrument through instructional and practice sessions. Instruments will be provided.Monday and Wednesday grades 5-6.
Community Kindness with Mrs. Santoferrara- One of the most helpful things you can do is to give back to your community. Various Community Kindness projects will be made to make someone’s day a little brighter. A few projects we will complete are: Placemats for the Elderly, Holiday Cards. Posters and Crafts. Monthly Field Trips to St. Camillus (Note: Special permission forms will be sent home each month). Tuesday Grades 5-8.
Home Alone - staying alone in your home is hard at first. Learn about how to stay safe and what to do in an emergency, basic first aid and so much more. 5th and 6th grades. Mrs. Cole's course will run Friday. Grades 5-6
Baby Sitting Course with Mrs. Cole - Want to babysit for children and earn money? Learn how to care for infants and children by learning age appropriate activities, 1st aid, CPR through the Red Cross, babysitting responsibilities, and more. Saturdays September 14, 28 and October 12, 25 grades 6-8.
Basketball Academy with coach Rolince - Develop the offensive skills and habits you need to be a PLAYER at the modified and high school levels: Increase your shooting accuracy and range. Reduce turnovers against defensive pressure. Sundays 10:00AM - 12:00PM at Solvay High School for grades 7-8.
Basketball School with coach Rolince - Develop the skills you need to play at the Modified level Shooting, Ball Handling, Passing, Finishing, Scoring MovesOffense & Defense: The Solvay Basketball Way. Learn how to dominate 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 and 5v5 Game Play! Tuesday and Thursday grades 5-6.
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