#Write4Life Query Contest
This is the form for the 2019 #Write4Life Query Contest. Out of all entries, twenty will be randomly selected for two #10Queries runs on Twitter, with the best query selected to win a prize package from Beta Frank Editing which includes: two passes on the query and synopsis & a developmental overview of the first 10,000 words. To qualify, you must have donated any amount during the event (which also qualifies you for the drawings and flash fiction contest).
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Should you win this contest, this is the name that will be announced publicly. Feel free to select a pen name. Your name will not be given publicly at any point if you are not a winner.
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Should you win, this Twitter handle will be announced publicly. If none is given, we will announce you by the name given above.
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This is the email address we will use to contact you should you win.
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This is the email address you used to make your donation via PayPal or GoFundMe (if it differs from the email given above). We will only use this to verify your donation and not to contact you.
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Please paste your query letter in the box below. DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR NAME. The box below will only accept a query up to 500 words. Aim for 250-400 words per industry standards. If you must leave something out, cut the bio. There is no need for salutations or signatures.
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Please paste your first 250 words in the box below. DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR NAME. You can stop at the end of a sentence or paragraph, within reason.
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I consent to have my query letter and first page read aloud anonymously via live stream if I make the top three of the contest. I consent to have my query and first page posted as an image (not as published text) should I make top three of the contest. I consent to having my name announced, should I be the winner of the contest.
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