My Missionary Shipping Payment Information
A safe encrypted way to provide My Missionary Shipping with your payment information for your shipments. 1 TIME ONLY.
Please note the info submitted gets embedded into an Excel type spreadsheet. I need an apostrophe entered just before the card number in order for the correct formatting to be maintained. The same for security codes that start with a zero. Please enter an apostrophe before the zero so the correct formatting will come through.
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Your Name? *
Or the Name used as the shipper for your package for exports or receiver on imports?
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The Full Name as it appears on the Credit Card you want to use? *
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The Credit Card Number? *
Please enter a ' (apostrophe) first, then the full card number without spaces or dashes etc. (example '1234123412341234)
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The expiration Date of the card? *
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Security Code *
MasterCard, Visa, Discover 3 digit code on back, Amex 4 digit code on the front. Please add an apostrophe first if your code starts with a zero. (example '012) Also, please ONLY enter your cards security code NOT your zip code.
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The zip code that your credit card statements gets sent to?
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