The Knight Series by Sonya Jesus
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The Knight Series by Sonya Jesus

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Don't Dare Love (The Knight Series #1): April 22-24, 2020
Don't Dare Fall (The Knight Series #2): April 29-May 1, 2020
Don't Dare Touch (The Knight Series #3): May 6-8, 2020
Don't Dare Live (The Knight Series #4): May 13-15, 2020

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psychological/romance thriller

NOTE: Series should be read in order for full enjoyment

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°• Don't Dare Love Blurb •°
The closer she gets to love, the more he unravels.

For commitment-phobe Lia, love means trusting someone enough to let them in. She’s not harboring some deep dark secret or a tortured soul; she’s simply scared to give her heart away. When Connor sparks her interest, she reluctantly gives the freshman a chance, unknowingly catalyzing a change in her love life. Suddenly, guys vie for her attention, and her heart is torn between the new, the old, and the familiar. While she’s busy with new experiences and conflicting feelings, Hawk is unraveling.

Lia doesn’t know how deep Hawk’s obsession goes. He’s always there, listening in, tracking her every move, and studying her. If not for his intervention, the guys from Lia’s past would have damaged her innocence and broken her heart. They possessed the ability to change his perfect girl into someone unrecognizable and unsuitable. In all his careful planning, Hawk’s become too comfortable and underestimates Connor’s ability to sneak his way into Lia’s heart.

Cameras and footage are no longer enough. Hawk infiltrates her inner circle and manipulates the people around her, using them to carry out his plan. The sudden onslaught of male attention slows him down, or rather, escalates his obsession into something a bit deadlier. If Lia dares to love someone other than Hawk, then he may not survive her love.

With a whodunit vibe, this psychological thriller balances innocent, coming of age romance with the darkness of obsession.
°• Don't Dare Fall Blurb •°
Westbrook students don’t fall down the well. Their dead bodies are thrown in.

When it’s just the two of them, things between Lia and her new beau are comfortable, easy, simple, but that doesn’t mean they’re right. In fact, her whole life is out of whack, and an open-relationship complicates her path to love. When weird things start happening, she naively plays them off as pranks, but the random creepy gifts soon turn to threats—disturbing incidents she keeps hidden from everyone.

Hawk manipulates his way into the dorm, gaining insider access to all things Lia by dating her suitemate. Keeping up with Lia’s ever-changing heart choices proves challenging, especially when others begin noticing his obsession. Between keeping his secrets hidden and turning Lovers’ Well into a gravesite, Hawk’s been distracted, slipping up and making bolder moves. When one of those moves leads to discovering the secrets, Hawk knows what he has to do: protect Lia at all costs.

But it may be too late. Someone is out to get her. Who better to save her, then the guy who has been watching her?

The Knights Series combines suspense and edge-of-your-seat thrills with the innocence of first love.
°• Don't Dare Touch Blurb •°
Touch, only if you have a death wish.

Every time Hawk turns around, Amelia’s doing something she shouldn’t be doing with someone she shouldn’t be doing it with. It’s getting under his skin, seeping into his veins, and triggering the killer inside him. He struggles to keep control, but restraint is disintegrating. The harder he tries to keep her love interests away, the closer they get. Sleepless nights of vigilance turn into sleepless days, and he messes up. In all his attempts to protect Lia, he inadvertently puts her in danger. Now, he needs to rectify the problem and kill again.

When her heart screams out what it wants, Lia finally listens. She takes control of her life and follows her heart all the way to the guy she fell for. How is she supposed to know he doesn’t want to keep it? Broken-hearted and lonely, Lia becomes friends with the guys from the soccer suite. Aiden Keys, the bully who treated her like vapor, makes it his personal mission to keep her safe from harm … and away from Robins.

With the soccer team as bodyguards, Lia is never alone, except for the night of the storm. The night that changes everything.

A unique, gripping romantic thriller that captures the evolution of an obsessive stalker into a serial killer.
°• Don't Dare Live Blurb •°
She gave away the only thing he wanted. Now, he’s going to take everything she has left.

Lia misses her boring life—the one devoid of guys and crazy people who try to kill her. Back then, there was no death, no stalkers, no love. Now her heart is permanently broken, and she’s craving invisibility, yet desperately needing proximity. With so many missing people in her life, Aiden steps up. At first, she gives him the pieces of her shattered soul, hoping he can put it back together. Then, she realizes it’s impossible because half the pieces are missing.

Eliminating threats with the police breathing down his neck gets a bit complex for Hawk, but brilliant minds adapt and make resources out of obstacles. To break Lia, he uses the secrets she’s been keeping to isolate her from the people she holds close, leaving only the Soccer Gods. For them, he has an even better mode of removal—framing Aiden Keys as the Knight Killer. With no one left to shield her, Hawk plans to kidnap Lia and get his happily ever after.

Needing distance from the place that broke her, Lia says goodbye to Westbrook University and walks right into Hawk’s trap. She has no idea the guy, who she thinks is her last friend standing, is really the guy who’s been stalking her since the day she set foot on campus.

A thriller full of kidnappings, missing people, and serial killers—all wrapped into a page-turner full of raw emotion.
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