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1. In order to secure your place, advanced booking is essential. 2. Complete the registration form and fax or email it; please do not post your registration form as it may not reach us in time. 3. If no email confirmation is received, please call us to confirm. 4. NFAA courses are accredited with the Department of Labour. 5. Certificates are issued to the employer when the employer has paid for the learners training. 6. Training can be presented at your work site, or a venue of your choice, if the learner training volume is 8 learners or more. Travel costs will apply for training conducted with less than 15 (fifteen) students. 7. NFAA invoice is to be paid in full prior to commencement of the course. 8. No refunds will be made unless a cancellation or postponement is received in writing at least 5 (five) days prior to the start of the course. 9. Full payment is due for the number of learners booked on the course, should learners not attend and they may join one of our “public courses” on a pre-set date. 10. Course starts at 09:00 and is completed by no later than 16:00. 11. Learners are required to bring a copy of their ID BOOKS with them to the course. 12. Learners must bring a copy of their previous valid certificates to the course if applicable. 13. Learner details (initials and ID numbers) will appear on the certificate as they appear on the course register. 14. Re-issued and a hard copy certificate are subject to a charge of R 65-00 per certificate. 15. All our certificates are created as “Digital Originals” this means that they are originals in their electronic form inside a Vault and any printed versions are considered copies. According to Law (ECT Act 2002), they can be used in any court as a constituted original document. 16. Your certificate are created as TRUSTED documents and cannot be edited, tampered with or be falsified inside a Vault, nor can NON-Trusted documents be uploaded into the TRUSTED folders of a Vault. Your certificates authenticity is thus assured…so TRUST DIGITAL, we do… 17. NFAA and its staff or representatives cannot be held liable for any claim whatsoever of any nature arising from, or as result of any training conducted or cancelled.
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