Girls Leadership Institute - 2020
Louisville Girls Leadership creates a space in which girls from across the city can enhance their journey of self-development through education, advocacy, and action. The experience leaves them with critical skills and instills the necessary confidence to tap their vast potential and, in turn, use it as a source of empowerment to make positive change in the city.

LGL is excited for the return of the Marsha Weinstein Girls Leadership Institute which will serve up to one hundred (40) students as they embark on a learning journey for the upcoming year!

Forms are due Sunday, May 6, by 11:59pm.

Please email Naomi Penner at with questions.

If you need to, you can save your application and return to edit the form by clicking the "Submit" button on the final page. A window will pop up with a link labeled "Edit your response." Save that link to edit your form later.
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