Cultural Garden Preorder Form
We need your help! Student Council is remodeling our school courtyard into a cultural garden to celebrate and showcase our school’s diverse student population. We are asking families to design and paint a flagstone that will be placed on display in the courtyard. Stones can be purchased for $5. Purchased stones will be picked up in the school office and then brought back to school upon completion. Families should paint their stone to represent their culture (all designs must be school appropriate). We recommend using acrylic paint to paint the stones. It can be purchased at Walmart, Michael’s, or Hobby Lobby. The school will provide a protective sealant for the stones after they are painted.

Possible ideas to paint on your stone:
Country’s flag, colors, or symbols
Specific colors that represent your family’s heritage
Pictures of food, animals, or other objects that represent your culture
Words, sayings, or phrases that are unique to your culture/heritage (must be school appropriate)
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I would like to support the Cultural Garden Family Project by purchasing a stone for $5. I will be able to pick up the stone from school and return it after it is painted. *
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