2024 Services Survey
Seeking guidance from you about my services and events in 2024.
Thank you for spending a few minutes completing this survey, then I know how to best serve you!

As I appreciate your time, if you complete the survey, you will receive $10 off your next session with me booked before 31st March 2024.

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Are you interested in working with me this year?
Are you interested in becoming a VIP client and being apart of a new VIP community group?

VIP Inclusions example:
*1:1 sessions monthly or quarterly (depending on package)
*On demand Whatsapp access to me
* Potentially a monthly online energy management & tools workshop with me &/or guests
*Other bonuses - like online events
Are you interest in attending online reset classes (weekly or monthly)?

Classes include:
*Energy and kinesiology techniques
*Reset yoga shapes (think total rest yoga)
*Guided lying nidra mediation Intention / emotion reset
*Intention / emotion reset
Are you interested in attending quarterly mini retreats, around 2-3 hours long?

Retreats will include:
*Intention setting + journaling
*Restorative yoga (think sleep, rest and lying yoga)
*Lying Yoga Nidra meditation
*Sound healing
*Use of essential oils, angle cards and all things required to nourish your soul
*Healthy snacks
*And a few surprises!
Are you interested in attending 1 day recharge retreats?

Please select locations:
Are you interested in attending a weekend retreat in 2024 or 2025?

Please select years and locations:
Are you interested in a Bali 4-7 day retreats?
Are you interested in a course for energy management?

Example course outline:
*Understand what is energy and ways to optimise it every day
*Learn the 8 key area's of energy management 
*Understand the energy cycle's for women and men 
*Create an individualised energy management plan for your ideal week 
*Create an ideal energy management plan for your family or work life
*Learn simple muscle testing
*Learn some energy management techniques for your daily life tool box
*Learn tools to protect your energy
Are you interest in a detailed course for women's cycles, energy management and transitions into menopause?

Course Example:
*101 of women's cyclical energy
*Learn the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle in detail
*Understand the impacts and changes for peri / menopause 
*Learn how to nourish your body during your cycle and life transitions 
*Learn some key acupressure points and affirmations for connecting to the female body
*Learn a womb and self love meditation
*Learn gentle yoga shapes for each phase of your cycle  
*Understand how to optimise your work or business around your cyclical energy
*Work through a month with me with your menstrual or moon cycle (if no cycle or pregnant) and apply the tools learnt in this course 
*And much more
What are your preferred ways of communication from me?

Please pick your top 3 ways.
Share any other comments, ideas or requests
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