2019 ICWG Application
The ISSOTL International Collaborative Writing Groups (ICWG) initiative is a collaborative research and writing program that brings together scholars from around the world to work collectively on creating a SoTL publication. The program involves 2-3 days of face-to-face work immediately prior to the annual ISSOTL conference and includes remote collaborative work for several months both before and after this hands-on workshop. The ultimate goal for each group is to create a manuscript suitable for publication in Teaching and Learning Inquiry, the society's SoTL journal.

The face-to-face portion of the third iteration of the ICWGs will be offered in 2019 from October 6-8, and will directly precede the ISSOTL conference (October 9-12) in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. We invite applications from teaching faculty/staff, administrators, and students who are members of ISSOTL. After receiving all applications, we will form ten teams of six members plus a facilitator. Each team will have at least one student member.
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Selection for participation in the 2019 ICWG program requires a serious time and financial commitment. If you are selected as a member of one of the ten ICWG teams, other interested applicants will potentially be excluded. The time commitment includes the remote collaboration beginning in May 2019 and continuing through spring of 2020. It also includes the face-to-face work in Atlanta (6-8 Oct 2019). The financial commitment includes registration for the ICWG event ($375 for non-students, and $200 for students; dinner on Sunday and lunches on Monday and Tuesday are included with this registration fee), plus registration for the immediately-following ISSOTL conference and annual membership dues for ISSOTL. You will also be responsible for your travel and accommodations. (There are a handful of small subsidies available. Please contact one of the ICWG co-leaders for more information if that might influence your ability to commit to participation.)  Please indicate your commitment to the program and to your collaborative team by checking "yes" below. *
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