Mini-European School on Self-Development
Are you ready to take charge of your life? This is your chance to be part of the event to cause that important moment. Take the time to get to know yourself better and create more self-awareness. We are going to discover what sections of your life deserve your attention, where you really want or should go. Together we will plan this journey and take the first step in your new direction.

What will this event be like? It is not the standard idea of just a collection of workshops, but
5 days of an intense flow we go through together. It is also not the standard pre-event for an AGORA where the city and partying take a central role. However, it is the event where you will get to know people better than ever. It is the event where you will get to know yourself and it is the event that will help you become a better version of yourself. Are you ready for the challenge?

This event is organized in collaboration with AEGEE-Academy and AEGEE-Warszawa

Who are the trainers?
Eugenia Casariego Artola: Psychology graduate and inspiring trainer
Alejandra Piot Pérez-Abadín: Training expert and full-time AEGEEan
Midas Veraart: Passionate trainer and self-development addict

When will this take place?
The event starts in the afternoon of the 19th and ends in the afternoon of the 23rd of April. This is a pre-event for the AGORA, but it is not a requirement to go there in order to take place in this event.

How much?
The fee is €70 and includes lodging, two meals a day and an amazing training program.

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