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The Best for Colorado Program is now managed by The Alliance Center. In order to be considered for the Best for Colorado Awards, please fill out this form authorizing the Best for Colorado team ( at the Alliance Center) to view your scores and answers. These data will remain confidential. We want you to be included in this important community recognition event. Please contact Anne Behlouli, Best for Colorado Programs Manager with any questions. Email her at


Confirming that you are affiliated with a particular partner allows this institution to access your company's Assessment, which includes your company profile, answers, and results. Partners will have access to this data through a private, secured tool called B Analytics (

Why is this data important ?
This data allows the partner to understand where you are in your journey to be a better business so that they can better support you alongside other businesses through one-on-one guidance or group educational programming.

How exactly will they use this data?
Partners are prohibited from communicating publicly about a specific company's answers or scores. For example, it is prohibited to communicate that Company X scored well on Diversity.However, the partner may communicate the data publicly in the aggregate. For example, the partner is allowed to communicate that their 400 companies on average are more likely to donate to charity than other businesses. The Best for Colorado program has requested access to your data in B Analytics. Confirming that you are affiliated with a particular organization allows that institution to access your company ratings information and question level data.

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In order to be considered for a Best for Colorado award, do you agree to share your Business Impact Assessment data with the Best for Colorado program? Rest assured your information will remain confidential. Only the Best for Colorado team will access this information. *
Part of our value proposition is to promote your stories of success with the community and disseminate best practices. May we contact you to chat about ways to highlight and promote your company? We offer free services as part of our program. Stories, articles, and case studies will be shared in social media, public events, magazines, newsletters, etc.
Have you made any improvements towards greater Corporate social responsibility in the last year? Tell us more about it
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