14 SEATS Registration - 2018 Season
The 2018 Season of 14 SEATS is about to begin! It's time to register and request designation as a Member or Guest. Your registration is the only way for a chance to grab a seat at our table. Memberships will be assigned by a random lottery of those requesting Member status. All other registrations will be automatically assigned GUEST status and immediately added to the monthly rotation of our Guest wait-list. The Guest wait-list will allow you an 'invitation only' opportunity to either 14 SEATS or our 'reservation only' 2 SEATS at the Chef's Bar. Either way, you must register here for the chance to join us at the only 'private + underground' dinner club in Newburyport. It will promise to be an evening to remember!

For a detailed look at the membership options and fees, please visit: http://bit.ly/14SeatsS3Info

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In submitting this form I understand that I am adding my name for participation in the 14 SEATS Registration Process by requesting Member and/or Guest status. I may also make the choice to participate additionally, or solely, in the 2 SEATS Chef's Bar 'reservation only' process. I have read all terms and conditions as outlined in the 14 SEATS Registration Process Link provided. I acknowledge that I am not guaranteed Membership. Unless a Member, I am not guaranteed a seat at the table, an invitation or reservation. Members are randomly assigned by lottery as built into the Registration Process. Guest status will be assigned automatically at the time of registration and will include me in any monthly 'invitation only' dinner rotation that I qualify for. Seating for 2 SEATS, the Chef's Bar, can be assigned through a 'reservation only' request or randomly offered to Members and Guests alike. All 14 SEATS attendees must receive a Reservation Confirmation prior to attending any dinner.
If you have any mild food allergies or food concerns, please email Debra@PoyntNewburyport.com before placing your name on our list.
If designated as a Member for the 2018 Season of 14 SEATS, I acknowledge that there will be a one-time annual Membership Fee, due and payable in full. The Annual Membership Fee is based on the number of seats I have reserved. It will be added to the first tasting menu dinner check, in addition to the cost of beverage, tax + gratuity. If designated as a Guest of 14 SEATS, I understand and agree that in lieu of an Annual Membership Fee, I am responsible to pay a $20 Event Fee, charged per person, per event. The Event Fee will be added to the tasting menu dinner check, in addition to the cost of beverage, tax + gratuity. *
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