Castle Escape Room
In this escape room adventure you are a thief. A mysterious stranger has hired you to steal a valuable treasure from the highest tower of a heavily guarded castle. They didn't tell you what the treasure was, but they promised you would be able to figure it out once you got there and they would pay you very, very well. You've chosen to sneak into the castle on the night of a grand ball while the lord of the castle and his servants are distracted by the festivities.

In preparation for your heist you've obtained a map of the castle from a mostly-reliable map maker:

Your map will open in another tab; leave the tab open to have access to it for your whole adventure.

As you sneak through the castle you will have to solve puzzles, avoid the guards, and find clues to help you identify the mysterious treasure. Be sure to have a paper and pencil handy for writing down important notes.
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