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Would your kids like to join an existing group of kids to host a big lemonade stand for child. Visit for more information

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Event :4th Annual Lemonade Stand Project
Date and Time : Sunday, 29th, September 2019 from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm
Location : Pearland Town Center Pavilion (Near customer service and water spouts)

What we expect
- Kids need to be under parents'/guardians' supervision all the time
- Kids need to actively promote on social media, web, to their neighbors and friends and school to their teachers, and friends
- Bring something - maybe a lemonade or a snack or a drink or activity to engage other kids
- Some parents may need to bring tables, tents and chairs (At least 4 tables, 4 tents and 10 chairs in total)
- Wear a yellow shirt if possible (for childhood awareness) - parents can wear yellow too
- Additional stuff will be - ice, table covers, hand sanitizer, trash bags, bug spray and maybe mosquito repellents
- Show up at least 30 minutes in advance (by 3:00 pm)
- Make placards and signs

This is a public event so you and your kids should be comfortable and willing to be in event photos and videos that we will publish on social media

Greater Businesses of Pearland is a non profit grassroots organization that organizes several workshops and events in our community. For more information visit our website

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at
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Are you able to help us with ancillary stuff like ice, table covers, hand sanitizer, trash bags, bug spray and maybe mosquito repellents - describe what you can bring
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Anything else you would like to convey or we need to know - like your involvement in publicity, you will make selfie boards, or yard signs or placards or anything else
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