Gwanak Residence Halls Orientation(2017-02)
This Orientation consists of two parts: Part 1. Dormitory Guide and Part 2. Questionnaire.
Please read the guidelines carefully before proceeding with the orientation.


A. Answers to all questions are mandatory
- You will be deemed to have completed the 2nd semester orientation only if you successfully respond to all the questions and click the 'submit(제출)' button
- Your OT would not be accepted if you haven't answered all questions or exited half way through
- If you do not answer the survey or finish the orientation without completing the survey, you may get 3 penalty points.

B. Answering the evaluation test
- There will be a 20 questions to evaluate whether you fully understand the orientation
(the information regarding the question is located right before each item)
- The test would have to be retaken if you get more than 5 questions incorrectly. We will individually contact to resident who did not pass the test on 9.4(Mon).
- if you do not pass the test in the second trial, your orientation would be marked "incomplete" and you'll get 3 demerit points

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