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Parker Sinclair is happy to speak to groups of all kinds which includes all or some of the following:
~ A reading from my YA Fantasy Novel, Eve of the Exceptionals, with Q&A discussion
~ A 20 or 45 minute talk focusing on the many paths we take in our lives and how to successfully navigate them or on
publishing your indie novel (both with accompanying Q&A session)
~ Book sale and signing.

Access to a projector or board with laptop would be great, but not required. A microphone will be needed for larger groups.

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The Paths in Life presentation has an portion that revolves around the death of a loved one. Is this okay to discuss with your group or would you rather I remove it?
There is no fee for this event, but if a book sale is held please assist me in bringing enough books by having attendees pre-order from this link:
Will you have a projector/board and laptop for me to use?
Is a microphone available?
If booked, please type your name below as a digital signature agreeing to the following: If a change arises please give me advanced notice of a week or more. Thank you! Parker Sinclair
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