Houston Cares Dog Adoption Application
Thank you for your interest in adopting from Houston Cares Animal Rescue. We are a foster based rescue in Houston, TX but our animals are available for transport throughout the country. Please fill out an adoption application to get started with the adoption process. We are excited to help you find your new best friend!
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You must be at least 21 to apply for adoption. If you are under 21, please have someone over 21 complete the adoption application.
Names AND ages of everyone else living in your home: *
This is important information because some animals do well with children and some do not, some are more fearful of men or women, some are large and jump up while others are very well mannered for people of any age, etc. We hope to help you find a great match for your home and family!  
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Cell phone preferred if available.
If approved, when is the soonest you would be ready to bring your new pet home? *
We do not put holds on animals (applications are considered in the order in which they are received and based on take home date).
Do you want this pet for *
Where will your pet be kept during the day? *
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Do you own or rent your home? *
If you rent, what is your landlord's name and contact number?
***Please double check your breed restrictions, pet deposits, pet rent increases, etc. before submitting your application.
What will you do with your pets if you move in the future? *
How much do you anticipate spending on your pet yearly? *
Please include food, vaccinations, license, pet supplies, and any medical care needed.
Would you be willing to have us visit your home to do a "home check" before the adoption is finalized? *
Please list all pets you owned in the last 10 years that you DON'T currently own (if none write n/a): *
***Please only include animals where you are the main caretaker and whose vet records would be in your name***. Include name, species, breed, gender, age, if kept inside/outside, and if spayed/neutered.
Please list pets you CURRENTLY own (if none write n/a): *
***Please only include animals where you are the main caretaker and whose vet records would be in your name***. Include name, species, breed, gender, age, if kept inside/outside, and if spayed/neutered
Who is/was the vet office for the above animals that can verify your consistent vaccine records and heartworm prevention (if you didn't have pets or consistent vetting write n/a)? *
If you have current pets please list the vet office(s) for the current pets.
If you're a first time pet owner or don't have a vet who can verify consistent vetting (at least 2 years of core vaccines and heartworm prevention) listed in your name, then we can still move forward with the application by adding the following vetting stipulation to your adoption contract: For a dog adoption without an approved vet check, we will require an extra stipulation be added to the adoption agreement saying that when you do the core vaccinations for the next 3 years and buy heartworm prevention you will send us the receipts for our files. You will also have to buy a year supply of heartworm prevention medication at your first vet visit and send us the receipt so that we know that you are keeping up with proper preventive vetting. All of this is vetting you would be doing anyway so the extra step is just sending us the receipt. ***Please let us know if you agree to this vetting stipulation if needed based on the criteria listed. *
Have you ever had to give up a pet? If yes, please explain why. (If not, write n/a.) *
Do you realize that a dog may live 15 or more years and are you willing to make a commitment to them that will last their lifetime? *
It may take your new dog two or more weeks to adjust to the new home, especially if shy or if other pets are involved. Are you prepared to allow this much time? *
Where did you hear about Houston Cares Animal Rescue? *
If you have any additional information you would like to give us in relation to your application please write it here:
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