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All communication is through email except for emergency service. Use our notes section to explain.
Please fill out the form below; fully. We will send you a appointment date and time invitation and hold it for up to 48 hours when possible.

Make sure your information is correct and your email is current. We will NEVER share your information in anyway.

- CLEANINGS: Single flue cleaning is $285. Subsequent flues are $255.
Each fireplace, OB, wood stove or gas furnace or water heater has its own flue.

- PAYMENT: By cash or check at the time of service.

- COMPREHENSIVE INSPECTIONS: $350 - See our home page for more information.

- ANIMAL / RAIN CAP: Measurements are not done by appointment. We need permission to come by and measure and we will email you a proposed price. In high season this can take several weeks. If proposal is approved, payment will be made on the day it is installed.

PLEASE see our website for more information. We look forward to serving you.
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Northeast Chimney Sweeps, Woburn, MA since 1978
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