Delia Broadway's Alumni Night 2021-2022
The Alumni Committee of our school, Delia Memorial School (Broadway), is currently planning its annual Alumni Night for the year 2021-2022.

We value your preferences for the evening, which is why we would appreciate your responses to the few questions below.

Thank you for your time and input.

P.S. The Alumni Night 21-22 will be referred to as Games Night this year because of a new and enhanced format. Since Covid restrictions forbid us from having food/drinks, the evening will focus on connecting with old (and possibly new) friends through games, competitions and more!
1. Are you planning to attend the alumni night (AKA Games Night) this year? *
2. If you answered no to Q.1, please state a brief reason for your decision:
3. If you have any special skill/talent, would you like to perform at the Games Night 21-22? *
4. If you answered no to Q.3, please skip this question. If you answered yes to Q.3, what would you like to perform? Please also leave your name & phone no for us to contact you with.
5. Is there any (former) teacher you lost touch with and would like us to invite to the Games Night 21-22? [Please provide their full names.]
6. Because of Covid restrictions, refreshments will not be served this year. Please suggest 1-2 potential activities/board games to replace the refreshment section.
7. Every year, the Alumni Committee organises different activities for their fellow alumni. This year, which of the following would you prefer to attend? (Select up to 3) *
8. Which year did you graduate in? *
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