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In the form below, tell me a story about how pro-wrestling moved you, shaped you, or affected you in a meaningful way, and I'll read it on The Work Of Wrestling podcast.

Your story can be serious, funny, sad, scary, can be anything you want so long as it's a true story, and uniquely YOU! Think of a time in your life pro-wrestling helped you, inspired you, or meant something to you. What happened - who was involved - what changed - what does it mean to you now?

You will be contacted via email if your story is selected for a reading on the podcast.

May The Moment Of Pop Be With You,

Tim Kail
Creator of The Work Of Wrestling
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Things to keep in mind before you submit: your story may be edited for content (grammar, word-choice, etc.) just to ensure a smooth, effective transition to audio. The essence & meaning of your story will be preserved, but you also shouldn't expect it to be read strictly word-for-word. A phrase might be dropped or slightly altered as needed. Think of this as your story being "brought to life", which requires a reasonable degree of interpretation and artistic license. For an example of this, listen to the excerpt from episode 36 of The Work Of Wrestling, "Macho Madness", embedded at the bottom of the page. The average word-count for a story that gets its own episode is 2,000.

NOTE: I highly recommend writing your story out in 'word/pages/notes', etc. beforehand and then copying and pasting it into the box below (I wouldn't want you to spend all that time typing and then lose it!)
Now tell us your story! *
If you're having a hard time coming up with something, or you're a little afraid to share - don't worry, you're not alone! A lot of listeners have told me, throughout the years, that they'd love to submit but they're just too afraid or they can't come up with something "good enough". Set aside any concerns of "good enough" and just focus on a time when wrestling made you feel something important: when was the first time pro-wrestling shocked you? What friends have you made through pro-wrestling (why are you friends, how has the relationship evolved)? Ever been on a date that involved wrestling (how did it go)? Ever gotten into an argument with a fellow fan (why and what was the outcome)? What was it like when you went to a signing or an event (give details - how did it make you feel, how did it change your outlook, what did you learn about yourself)?

NOTE: If you have any questions or technical issues with this form, visit and let me know.
Listen to an excerpt from EP36 - Macho Madness to get a sense of how your story can be brought to life:
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