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A design sprint is an extremely effective tool to understand what we are trying to create, who are are trying to create for, and most importantly - what are we trying to solve. This method is effective for teams, independent entrepreneurs, and community influencers.

The key to a successful Design Sprint is defining what we want out of the sprint. This questionnaire will help us create a framework to do that.

Please take your time in responding each question, and feel free to come back and edit your responses till the last moment before the sprint. Very often, the questions spark ideas that you will think about long after you have responded to this questionnaire. That is a good thing.

If you do not have an answer to a question, that is totally fine. Do not stress. The sprint is a fun activity! and it is impossible not to enjoy it.

Let's get this done!

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Which do you identify with? *
Please name the organization / community we are deigning for. *
What are we design? *
Are we designing a new on boarding process for your company? Are we trying to figure out how employees can come back to office safely? Are we designing a workshop to help women join the leadership track? Please give as much detail as you can.
Who are we designing for? *
Who is your ideal customer/consumer? Please note a customer is the person who will use your final product - whether they are paying for it or not, whether they are aware of it or not. E.g. a candidate is the customer in an on boarding program. A parent and a child are your customers in a school.
What stage of the project are at? *
Can you elaborate please. *
What are you expecting out of the design sprint? *
It is critical for us to have a goal in mind. It is completely fine if that goal changes as we start working on it.
Who will join us in the sprint? *
A sprint can be done with 2 people, or with a larger number of people. The most effective sprints have the following components - the sprint owner (usually the person answering this; other decision makers for the project, some end customers (or people who have been end customers recently). Invite as many stake holders as you can to your sprint, so we get insights from different points of view.
How long do you have for the sprint? *
Sprints are best done with complete focus over 2-5 days. However, in the real world, that may not always be possible. We have a few options. The ideal option is 2-3 whole days at a go. This brings the best ideas. The last option, 2-5 hours will mean we are cutting out a few steps in the sprint, but still makes for a very effective brainstorm and idea generation.
When would you like to the design sprint? *
Do you know when you would like to do the sprint? Are we designing against a deadline? Let me know. I will try my best to stick with your timeframe.
Any comments?
Are there any have additional questions I can help answer?
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