Request for consultation for Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) or Low Dose Dextrometorphan (LDXM)
LDN is a treatment used off label/license for autoimmune disease and certain cancers. It is an unlicensed medicine, so is generally only available privately. The consultation costs £35 and is with a Medicall Practitioner. The medicine costs approximately £20.

LDXM is also unlicensed and required a prescription from a doctor in the same way, but costs under £15 a month.

At the end of this questionnaire, once you press SUBMIT, you will be requested to upload evidence of the disease you are wishing to be treated for. This can be a word document, a scan of a letter from your GP, a copy of your repeat prescription slip, consultant letter or any other evidence you can provide. If you don't have it to hand, don't worry - just skip the step and it can be provided later.

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I understand that Low Dose Naltrexone/Low Dose Dextrometorphan for autoimmune disease or cancer is an unlicensed medicine, used "off label" and as such there is limited clinical trial evidence to support the use of this medicine. (Standards we adhere to can be found here: *
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