East Bay Rhinos Scholarship Application
The Rhinos team is run by a group of hardworking volunteers and coaches. It costs money to rent the pool, pay for insurance, pay instructors and maintain the gear. Each scholarship has been made possible by parent donations or fundraising events that parents and coaches have worked hard to organize. Please consider what you can contribute so that we can continue to offer these programs in the future. $10/session covers coaching and pool costs.
Student name *
Parent Name *
How much can you afford per session (normal operating cost is $10 per student per session, $220 for the season)? *
If you chose partial scholarship, how much can you contribute? *
If you chose full scholarship, what other ways can you help us run the organization? *
For the student to complete: What does it mean to you to participate in kayak polo? What do you hope to learn? *
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