Queer Out Here - Submission Form - Issue 03
Thanks for making a submission to Queer Out Here, an audio zine that explores the outdoors from queer perspectives. Please fill in a copy of this form for each piece you submit (maximum 2 pieces, each between 1 and 10 minutes long, per issue). This form asks for the following information, so please make sure you have it to hand before you begin:

1. Information about you. Your name/s, a recording of your name (optional), your pronouns, identity/ies, contact details, a short bio (<200 words, written in third person) and social media/web links (optional).

2. Information about your piece. A link to your piece (or direct upload - Google sign-in required, but we won't publicly link your account with your submission unless it's OK with you), title, short description, length, supporting statement (<200 words, required), transcript (optional), acknowledgements (of people appearing in/helping with your piece, optional) and Acknowledgement of Country (optional).

3. Confirmation that you have permission of participants, that you are the copyright holder, that your piece does/n't include material used under a non-commercial licence.

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