High Holidays at Chabad
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All services and meals are at Chabad: 650 S. Campus Ave. (Across the Rec.)
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Holiday Dinner, Sun. September 29th
Services 7pm, Dinner 7:30pm
Holiday Lunch, Mon. September 30th, 1pm
Holiday Dinner, Mon. September 30th
Services 7pm, Dinner 7:30pm
Holiday Lunch, Tue. October 1st, 1pm
Yom Kippur Pre-Fast, Tue. October 8th
Dinner: 6:15 PM, Kol Nidrei Service: 7:25 PM
Yom Kippur Break-Fast, Wed. October 9th
Open House Shul. Come pray at your own pace: 10:00am, Neila Services: 7:00 PM
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