Nomination form for travel support to 2019 HLPF for MGoS participants
The 2019 High Level Political Forum (HLPF) under the auspices of the Economic and Social Council will be held in New York from 9-18 July 2019. The theme for the forum is "Empowering people and ensuring inclusiveness and equality". More information is available at:

UN DESA will provide travel support and daily subsistence allowance (DSA) to a limited number of representatives of Major Groups and other Stakeholders who are nationals of developing countries to attend the HLPF. Nominations for travel funding support should be submitted no later than midnight (NY time) on Wednesday, 29 May 2019.

Nominations can be submitted by individual organizations, MGoS and national SDG/2030 Agenda platforms or similar. Collective nominations (MGoS and/or national platforms) will have greater weight in the selection process over individual nominations. Self-nominations, while still possible, will have less weight than those nominees put forward by a third party.

The following MGoS constituencies will conduct their own internal processes, in accordance to their respective governance procedures, in order to identify their most qualified candidates to be submitted for consideration:
NGO MG, Women’s MG, MG Children and Youth, Workers and Trade Unions MG, Local Authorities MG, Indigenous Peoples MG, SG on Ageing, Persons with Disabilities SG, Volunteers SG, Sendai Stakeholder Engagement Mechanism, Civil Society FfD Group, Education and Academia SG, Asia Pacific Regional CSO Engagement Mechanism, and Together 2030. Interested candidates belonging to these MGoS are invited to transmit their expression of interest to their respective constituencies in accordance to the detailed procedures that each constituency is currently devising for its associates.

For more information on how to contact your MGoS global Organizing Partner please visit:

The final selection of funded participants will be made by UN DESA/OISC in collaboration with the steering group of the MGoS HLPF Coordination Mechanism (for further information please see: taking into account, inter alia, balanced representation of constituencies, gender, and age, as well as national stakeholder platforms.

As a requirement for consideration, applicants must register to attend the HLPF. Registration for Major Groups and other Stakeholders who are not ECOSOC-accredited) is open from 1 May to 15 June on the 2019 HLPF website under the Registration tab (, and should be done through the organizing partners of each constituency. For help with identifying suitable and accredited partner organizations, inquiries should be directed to the designated focal point for each MGoS constituency:

Registration is available for ECOSOC accredited organisations and organisations on the CSD Roster until 28 June 2019.

Those requesting funding must be registered before 29 May 2019.

Before completing the form, please check the requirements for this nomination process:
1) Nominee must have dully registered and be accredited to attend the 2019 HLPF
2) Nominee must possess a valid passport, be based in, and directly engaging in processes related to the 2030 Agenda in a developing country.
3) Nominee must demonstrate her/his active role in processes related to the participation of stakeholders in the implementation and follow up of the 2030 Agenda.
4) Nominee must be able to make all necessary visa arrangements (including transit visa, where applicable) to enter the United States. The United Nations is not able to assist with passports or visas;
5) Nominee must commit to engage in preparatory work and to follow all the tasks as established in the Terms of Reference for this funding:
a. Agree to undertake consultations at the national level prior to the HLPF;
b. Agree to actively participate in the HLPF preparatory work of major groups and other stakeholders;
c. Commit to report back to stakeholders at national level after the HLPF

****DEADLINE TO FILL THIS FORM: Wednesday, 29 May 2019 11:59 EDT*****

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