Complexity Weekend November 12-14, 2021: Participant Commitment Form
We are very excited to embark on this Applied Complexity journey with you, and to welcome you into the November 2021 cohort (and our global community of practice of over 250+ past participants)!

The global, interactive, fully-synchronous Weekend will be November 12-14th 2021.
The cohort-based pre-Weekend phase will begin October 4, 2021.

All time zones, backgrounds, and level of familiarity with Complexity are welcomed here, and we organize specifically for all these important dimensions of diversity.

There is no financial barrier to participating in Complexity Weekend.
That being said, if you would like to support our community of practice financially (optional but encouraged and vital for our community to be financially sustainable), please use the link, or let us know if you would like to support via cryptocurrency or other mechanisms. Also you will have the opportunity to support CW later, if you'd like to experience the cohort-based pre-Weekend and Weekend before deciding how much to support.

Let us know at if you have any recommendations for possible Facilitators, Supporters, or communities of possible Participants to contact.

If you have any questions at any time, please feel free to email or @complexityteam on Keybase.
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What is your First name? *
What is your Last name? *
What is the best email address for you? *
This will be the email address that we (a) send onboarding material to and communicate with you through, (b) add to CW calendar events, and (c) add to the event guest list so you can enter the digital space for the event.
Please enter your Keybase username here -- this is an essential mechanism of communication and text interactions before/during/after the Weekend. *
If you do not have a Keybase username yet, download the application from here and create a username. Let us know if you are having any issues with Keybase at all by emailing, and we can help.
To the best of your abilities, will you be able to participate during the pre-Weekend experience (starting from onboarding until the weekend begins on November 12th)? *
This will entail watching short Facilitator introduction videos, engaging in the Keybase team with your cohort (asynchronous text & file sharing platform), and engaging in Gather during opt-in pre-weekend events (the video chat platform we use for all synchronous cohort events).
To the best of your abilities, will you be able to participate during the full Weekend experience itself (November 12-14th 2021)? *
The Weekend is designed to facilitate your learning Complexity by doing, build cohesion among the cohort, and for those who are interested, progress toward team-formation over the course of the experience. It is essential that participants commit to fully participating as much as they are able to over the full weekend. This can be as much time you can set aside, as during the Weekend there will be continuous activity. The experience will be designed to include participants from all time zones. This event and community is really only what we collectively put into it -- so out of fairness, we want to make sure that everyone joining the cohort intends to show up for each other and participate in the interactive Weekend sessions.
What country are you in? *
Which best describes your sector or background? (check all that apply)
What current role & affiliations do you have (e.g. company, university department, etc)?
Which kinds of problems or topics are you most interested in applying Complexity Science to?
If you are totally new to Complexity Science, this is OK! Roughly 1/3 of every cohort are Complexity beginners. Check out if you're curious for a brief intro on Complexity.
What are you looking to get out of the Complexity Weekend community of practice?
What are you looking to contribute to the Complexity Weekend community of practice?
Please take a moment to learn more about the values/participation guidelines of Complexity Weekend, and how we are aligning with them through time: -- Will you be able to abide by these participation guidelines?
This is a document you can comment on if you have any questions/ideas!
What modes of participation in Complexity Weekend are you most interested in (check as many as apply)?
All modes of participation in Complexity Weekend & ways of learning Complexity by doing are valid and appropriate if they are authentic for you.
From your perspective, what would be a few things that could help make Complexity Weekend an accessible and engaging participatory experience for individuals of all time zones, backgrounds, and levels of familiarity with Complexity?
What is your level of familiarity with LEARNING about Complexity Science or Complex systems?
Not familiar at all (Complexity curious!)
Very familiar with Complexity topics
Clear selection
What is your level of familiarity with APPLYING Complexity Science or working with Complex systems?
Not familiar at all (have not applied Complexity)
Very familiar with Complexity topics
Clear selection
How did you hear about Complexity Weekend?
Is there anything else you’d like the Organizers to know, or anything you'd like to ask about?
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