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Thanks in advance for your feedback! It helps us to get an idea of what we're doing well and what we can do better.

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You can also email us your feedback at info@turf-projects.com
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Which exhibition / event did you attend, or what prompted your feedback today?
How many times have you visited Turf or attended something we've run online?
If you've visited one or more exhibition at Turf, how would you rate them overall?
If you've attended one or more workshop / event at Turf, how would you rate them overall?
What do you think we're doing well?
What do you think we could do better?
Did you find Turf's space and/or staff welcoming?
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Was what you attended at Turf easy enough to access? For example, was Turf's space easy to find and to get to? Did you have any accessibility issues in getting to, or whilst at Turf?  If you attended online, was the booking & workshop process & software easy to use and info clear?
What type of events / exhibitions / workshops etc would you like to see Turf put on?
Do you have any other comments?
This helps us see who we're reaching well and not so well.
How did you first find out about Turf?
How do you keep up to date with Turf?
How often do you generally go to art spaces & workshops?
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Where do you live?
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Your age?
How would you describe your gender?
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All information will be treated in strict confidence. The data collected will be used solely by Turf Projects for the purpose of monitoring, evaluation & in funding applications. Thanks for helping to help us improve!
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