Lowell Elementary School PTA Classroom Roster and Communications
Each year, the Lowell Elementary School PTA compiles a roster for each classroom. Regulations prohibit the school from releasing this information. We will only request this information ONCE upon enrollment. Should you have any changes to your contact info, please let your room parent know.

You will receive a copy of the Classroom Roster ONLY if you agree to be included on it. The roster information is beneficial for communicating with other parents in the class regarding friendships, classroom activities, and homework issues.

In addition to communicating inside the classroom, the PTA would like to communicate with you beyond the boundaries of the classroom. We encourage you to stay informed about what is happening at our school by receiving our Lowell PTA communications which includes our monthly newsletter and weekly email updates. Email addresses are required to receive these communications.

Photos of students and their work are a way to celebrate their educational activities. We encourage you to allow the PTA to share images of your child on classroom and PTA websites. Students will not be identified by name when posting publicly.

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