Sixth Annual NCMEntoring Program
We’re excited to announce the sixth annual NCMEntoring Program! Launched during the 2016 annual meeting, the NCMEntoring Program aims to support the transition of graduate student members and recent graduate members from their graduate programs to professional careers. Early professionals (mentees) are paired with members (mentors) experienced in NCME-related fields: assessment, evaluation, and other aspects of educational measurement. This experience will offer the opportunity for mentees to explore possible career paths and ask questions from an experienced NCME member and for mentors to support the development of potential colleagues and contribute to the field.

Mentees must be currently enrolled or recently (less than 2 years ago) graduated from a Ph.D. or master’s program in a measurement-related field. Mentors should have at least two years of post-graduate work experience in a measurement field. Using survey responses, we will work to match mentoring pairs based on mentees' interests and mentor experience.

All meetings should be scheduled in close proximity to the NCME annual meeting, take place virtually, and last approximately one hour. NCME will provide virtual meeting rooms, if necessary. You will be asked to complete a post-meeting evaluation in order to improve the program in the future.

Application Deadline: May 14th , 2021

For more information, contact Jaime Malatesta (
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