ENROLL - AnM Online Music Class
We are excited to start offering our new Online Classes via Zoom for individuals with special needs! We strongly believe that the power of music can be a unique bridge to open a gateway of endless opportunities. Our main goal for this classes is to offer a something unique, fun, and engaging for individuals with special needs. We work in social, communicative, cognitive, and motor skills all at once through the power of music!

Who is this for?
Individuals with special needs of any age and abilities.

What will they learn?
They will enhance communicate, social, cognitive and motor skills through music activities

We offer our online class sessions on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10am to 1pm.

Class cost and duration?
$50 per class of 30 minutes

Is this something you are interested in? Great! Follow the next steps:

1. Fill out this form
2. Schedule your next class using the following link:
3. Make your payment

* Payment options:
- Paypal: info@autismandmusic.org
- Zelle: info@autismandmusic.org
- Venmo: @autismnmusic
- Cash App: @autismnmusic

Have questions? Please email us at: info@autismandmusic.org

Thank you!

AnM Team

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