Glenrock Community Education Class Proposals
Hello, Glenrock! The Glenrock Community Education Program is looking for new community class ideas and any qualified people who would be willing and excited (while getting paid) to teach. We have listed a few of the proposal ideas, but please feel free to add any other ideas or suggests that you would like to offer for our Glenrock Community Education Program. If you choose to teach, you can make your own schedule while earning between $17.50-$20.00 an hour. Our community is full of talented people! Please share your talents with us all. If you have any questions, please contact me, Tasha White, Community Education Coordinator, at, 307-436-7405 (office) or 307-258-7837 (text/call).

Use your voice to vote for proposals that you would love to see happen in our community or vote for a class that you would like to teach through the Glenrock Community Education Program. Thank you in advance for serving your wonderful community! You are very appreciated!!!
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