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Welcome to Fleming Automotive. We have been providing professional automotive service to our clients since 1993. As a client you can be rest assured that our one and only goal is to provide you the client with an efficient and affordable repair/maintenance experience.

Our investment in the latest equipment, information and training ensures that we can offer dealer level service to our clients even if they own multiple makes of vehicles. Let us provide you with the information needed to keep your vehicle safe and well maintained.

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Benefits of Digital Inspections

Every time your vehicle comes into our shop we will perform a digital inspection. With the inspections we are looking for Safety concerns, Drivability concerns, and Preventative maintenance. We will send this report to you by email and/or text with your vehicles condition, which has been carefully looked over by one of our technicians. Our technicians take into consideration the concerns that you have with your vehicle and make sure to take high quality, detailed photos and videos; We then personally prepare your report with Concerns in priority sequence so you can make the best decision for repairs and maintenance on your vehicle. We’ll show you:
-Safety Concerns
-What requires future attention
-What is good
-Other items that require immediate attention

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Our Digital Inspection Process

Search and Educate
Our partners Service Video Library enables you to familiarize yourself with your vehicle and some of it’s regular maintenance concerns.

Drop Off
We can view your vehicles service history and recommend any deferred maintenance items, and upcoming service recommendations.

Digital Inspections enable our shop technicians to take photos and/or video and document any maintenance issues and send them directly to you.

Photos and videos of your vehicle taken during the inspection process give you the confidence to approve the neccessary repairs.

Pick Up
We will review the work that was done, including photos and videos and, and go over any concerns or upcoming maintenance issues.

Thank You
We will send you an updated vehicle health score and give you the opportunity to provide feedback on the service you received.

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Carbon Cleaning

Gas Direct Injection (GDI) Engines are more efficient and deliver more power, however they all have a common problem - Carbon build up. Carbon build-up can negatively effect gas-mileage, engine performance, and eventually cause running issues and break-downs. Most manufactures recommend Intake Cleaning Services every 48,000 kms. We offer both Chemical Carbon Cleanings & Walnut Blasting (read more below.)

Chemical Intake Carbon Cleaning
Our 3C Intelligent Induction Cleaner gives us a modern method to remove carbon build-up before your car suffers the negative effects. Less invasive than Walnut Blasting, we do not have to remove your intake manifold or any mechanical pieces to perform this service.

Faster — this process takes just over an hour and can be performed while you wait.

More Affordable than Walnut Blasting, allowing you to have the service done every 48,000 kms and avoid the negative effects of carbon buildup altogether!

Walnut Blasting For Carbon Removal
Walnut Blasting is the traditional method of Intake Cleaning, and it is still necessary in some situations. Walnut Blasting requires removing the intake manifold and "blasting" walnut shells into the intake ports while simultaneously vacuuming out carbon deposits.

Walnut Blasting is still necessary for severe carbon build-up, especially when it has already caused a running issue or check engine light.

Walnut Blasting is a lengthy process, and we generally ask that customers drop their vehicle off for the day for this service. Prices are vehicle-specific. Please contact us for a quote on Walnut Blasting for your vehicle.

Cehck Out Our Carbon Cleaning Brantford:
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Services and Maintenance: What We Do For You

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