2019 VetsAid Grant Request Form
Thank you for your interest in VetsAid and for seeking a grant from our organization for your work supporting veterans and military families. To apply, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

1. represent a nonprofit organization recognized by the IRS as a 501c3 tax-exempt organization (individuals are not eligible),
2. your organization must have been incorporated for more than 2 years as of September 1, 2019,
3. your organization remains in good standing with the IRS,
4. your average annual revenue for the last two years has been MORE than $150,000, and

(if LESS, please apply here - https://forms.gle/gps6pGjeb6DafYAr9 )

5. you are seeking funds for a program or service that directly supports veterans, service members and/or their families.

**VetsAid Grant recipients awarded consecutively the past two years must allow one grant cycle (1 year) before reapplying.

As a reminder, we're focused on supporting wounded, ill and injured veterans and families of the fallen through suicide prevention, service animals, family programs, scholarships, workforce development leading to employment and programs that support the holistic wellness of the veteran.

FINAL STEP - Your grant request will not be considered complete without submitting your current 990 and your latest latest Impact Report. Please email to grants@navso.org

Please complete the following form. Incomplete forms will not be considered. Applications must be received by August 15th, 2019 for consideration.
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Provide a high level budget for this program along with other funders and the amounts committed. *
Provide ONE Impact Story for this program. (Testimonial)
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Is your organization recognized by the IRS as an approved tax-exempt organization? *
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If recognized by the IRS, please list the date of your Letter of Determination. If submitted, please list the date of your IRS acknowledgement letter.
(if not yet filed or recognized, skip this question)
Is your organization registered to solicit charitable donations in your State of incorporation? *
(commonly known as Charitable Solicitation Registration (CSR))
Did you file a tax return last year? *
If you've completed a tax year, please list last year's total revenue *
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Are written minutes of board meetings kept? *
Does the board approve compensation of the organization's Executive Director or CEO using a documented compensation determination policy? *
Has the board of directors discussed the unsatifactory performance of any key management personnel in the last twelve (12) months? *
Are any of your Board Directors also Officers/Staff? *
Has the organization or any of its leaders been involved in any grievance or other administrative proceedings before any agencies in the last two (2) years? *
Is your organization a previous VetsAid grantee? *
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